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SIA Coast to Coast Bike Ride Challenge

Our CEO Simeon Taylor sets off tomorrow morning in the Coast to Coast, 3 days, 220mile cycle ride from Southport to North Tyneside with a team of 15 others all looking to raise money for the SIA.

We would love it if you could find a few pounds, or as much as you like☺, to sponsor Simeon and encourage him along his trip.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito” – Dalai Lama

Statement from Our CEO – Simeon Taylor

Tomorrow morning, I set off on a 3-day 220mile ride from Southport to North Tyneside with a team of 15 others to raise money for The Spinal Injuries Association. For those that know me know that the Spinal Injuries Association has played a huge role in my mother’s life since she become paralysed at the age of 13 and the charity work tirelessly to support others across the UK that sustain such a life changing injury.

The support mechanism that SIA provides doesn’t stop a short period after an injury is sustained, on almost all occasions the charities work continues throughout that person’s life. From the catastrophic adjustment starting day 1 after the injury, to the ongoing challenges and obstacles that will present themselves throughout that person’s life.

One of the many platforms that the Spinal injuries association provides to its SCI people is the peer support programme. This is so impactful to those that have recently suffered an injury as it is delivered by peer support officers that are spinal cord injured themselves. Having this first-hand experience and guidance at a time where people’s lives have changed forever and turned upside down over night is so critical. Your donation will go towards the incredible work the entire team at SIA do on a day-to-day basis to continue services like the above.

Please support the team below by contributing, no matter how small your donation is, it has a HUGE impact of people’s lives and allows the charity to continue their great work.