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NewsVanquish Tech are putting sustainability at the forefront

Vanquish Tech are putting sustainability at the forefront

Thank you to KOcycle for the sustainability award and all the support in delivering our sustainability initiative. ♻️

Another big Thank you to all our partners and clients for supporting our environmental initiative.

We are committed to playing our part in reducing carbon emissions and other negative impacts on the environment.
All our efforts will hopefully inspire other firms to take action on sustainability issues too.


  • 1300+ pieces of e-waste ethically recycled and diverted from landfill
  • 167,732 KG of CO2 prevented from reaching the atmosphere
  • 44,400KG of minerals not needed to be mined to produce new technology
  • 7,000,000 litres of water were saved as minerals did not need to be mined
  • 730 trees planted
  • 970,000KG of CO2 will be captured during the lifespan of the trees